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The Choker

Have you ever felt limited in your freedom these past few years? Well the designer and maker of The Choker Tables has and translated this feeling of suffocation into a design. For Hanne Arends suffocation feels like a pair of hands being twisted around her neck. Hanne wanted to create beauty within this feeling of constraint and tried to translate these feelings into a design object that represents this emotion in an elegant form. A deliberate choice was made to work with glass because it resonates with this emotion. Glass is known for its breakability, fragility and yet its incredibly strong and durable.


Hanne designed a large wooden mold and special tool to choke the cylinder of molten glass. This manual technique assures that every single piece has a unique signature. Besides that, the process of making one table is physically heavy and requires a tremendous amount of craftsmanship, focus and teamwork. All of these different factors including the starting point of the emotion, the material itself and the choke contribute to the origin of the project, which manifests itself in this unique and precious outcome. 

The Choke - Glas lab Leerdam

Henk Verweij          Gert Bullee              Hanne Arends

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