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Karel Serie

De Karel Serie

Textile Wall hangings:

The almost life-sized Karel Series is a series of hand-tufted wall hangings created by emotional expressions expressed on the face. Although the artist is female, the visual representations in the Karel Series all embody a sort of self-portraits. Each piece in the series reflects the emotions as well as the powerfully profound mood swings of the maker throughout different periods of her life. All images from the Karel Series are produced without preparatory sketching, which means that during the act of tufting an organic aesthetic arises within the frame. Vibrant colour combinations are employed in the series in order to create a dynamic and joyful interaction eventhough the tapestries are made from a profound mood. Moreover, the yarn used has been treated in a special way, which means that the colours will not bleed when exposed to sunlight. The interdependence between the technical production and the creative energies reveals and conveys different aspects of the human emotional spectrum that inevitably unites us all.


Material: wool & acrylic on cotton.
Technique: hand tufted.
Dimensions: 150x130

Furry Road




Combining different materials together 


Material: wool & acrylic on cotton.
Technique: hand tufted.
Dimensions: 70x50

Unattainable beauty

Did you know 40% of the young woman living in Amsterdam have had esthetic plastic surgery? 


This project began with the striking remark that woman around me are starting to look more and more alike. The research started with collecting all the ‘same’ looking girls from social media and wrote down all the plastic surgery they have had. I translated this into different outcomes and the finally resulted in absurt hand knitted masks and a gathering of youngster who are wearing these masks during a party to show the absurdness of it. 

For the the final movie please click on this link. 

The end party can be seen on  3.10 

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